TREC License Requirements

Texas Online Real Estate License Courses 

An individual must first furnish the Commission satisfactory evidence of successfully completing the following education: 

180 hours of Qualifying Courses consisting of the following
Courses included in package:  (These are the 6 TREC classes)

  • 121 Real Estate Principles I (PDF with Quizzes) 
  • 122 Real Estate Principles II (PDF with Quizzes) 
  • 1151 Law of Agency (PDF with Quizzes) 
  • 1251 Law of Contracts (PDF with Quizzes) 
  • 351 Promulgated Contract Forms (PDF with Quizzes) 
  • 451 Real Estate Finance I (PDF with Quizzes) 
TREC educational requirements

Tx real estate school license requirements
Texas real estate license requirements
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Texas Real Estate
 License Online

1. Education Improvement Measures 
  • Pre-license education requirements for a salesperson license changed from 210 total to 180 core hours . 
  • Related education requirements is longer be required but the education requirements for the first renewal of a salesperson license increases from 60 to 98 core hours. 
  • The total number of hours needed for the first renewal of a salesperson license remains at 270 hours. (180 prelicense hours plus 98 SAE hours)


Salesperson License

TREC wants people to file online.
  • The requirements have not changed but how you apply has. 
  • In the past most people would send in their education and pay the $30 fee to have their education evaluated. 
  • People will no longer be able to do this. 
  • The applicant will have to submit their education with their paid application.  
  • Also if they file an application using a paper form they will be charged a $20 fee.

Pre Application Education Evaluation No Longer Required! 
  • Real estate applicants will no longer be required to submit an education evaluation request & receive a notice from TREC that the education requirements have been satisfied prior to submitting an application. 
  • The education eval. request form is eliminated & education course completion documents must be submitted when the application is filed.
  •  Application forms have been revised to incorporate the change. 


See our TREC approval

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Recorded Proctoring Exam Available at Checkout ($9 per course)

Only $27 with the 90 or 98 hour SAE package or $54 with the 180 hour Pre-license package (3 proctored exams with the SAE package & 6 proctored exams with the Pre-license package)

​No need to schedule a time or find a proctor!

Here’s a link to a couple of videos that helps explains how RPS works:

These are the newest courses that comply with the new TREC guidelines. The new rules state that a 30 hour qualifying course cannot be completed in less than 30 hours

  • Any 30 hour course and exam cannot be completed before 3 days has elaped. Therefore it will take a minumum of 3 weeks to complete the 6 courses and exams.
  • As far as testing for individual courses, 30 hour courses require a 3 day wait time between the purchase date and the exam
  • The courses are in a PDF format and are not "timed" as such.

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Some of our students have found that their local libraries will proctor the exams for FREE. We suggest you check with your local library or bank.


Q. Does the student give TREC (or 360) the proctor's qualifications and email address ? 
A. The student provides the proctor info to 360 which is done by filling out the online affidavit after passing the final exam.

Q. Does the proctor then get an email with a code that they enter after the exam? –
A. The proctor code step comes up before taking the final exam. This step helps the student to understand that the proctor has to be sitting with them.

Q. What does the online Proctor Affidavit look like ? 
A This is what it looks like. Proctor Affidavit

Q How does the Proctor sign off on it digitally? 
A. They sign off through 360Sign after passing the final exam in the course.

SAE courses can be completed in as little as 9 days (see TREC 3 day rule)
Prelicense courses can be completed in as little as 18 days.

Additionally, you may request a criminal history evaluation before enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate license, as set out in Texas Occupations Code §53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1. If you have any criminal offenses, unpaid judgments, had disciplinary action taken against a professional or occupational license, or have performed an unlicensed activity, TREC requires you to consider submitting a completed Moral Character Determination Form before applying for a license.

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“..a 30-hour qualifying course that is started and completed in less than 3 days does not comply with Commission rules. Starting and completing more than one qualifying course within the same 3 days does not comply with Commission rules..”
Inquiries can be made by students at [email protected] or 512-936-3000

Become a Real Estate Sales Agent (per TREC web site)

A sales agent is a person who is licensed by the Real Estate Commission to act as an agent on behalf of a real estate broker and their clients. A sales agent must be sponsored by a licensed Broker in order to perform any act of real estate services.

You have one year from the date your application is filed to meet all license requirements. Once you have met all the requirements to get your license, including finding a broker sponsorship, TREC will send an active sales agent license to your broker and to you via email!  


  •   Citizen of the United States or lawfully admitted alien
  •   18 years of age or older
  •   Resident of Texas
  •   Meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity


Complete Your Qualifying Education

180 classroom hours of the following qualifying real estate courses
​121 Real Estate Principles I (PDF with Quizzes) 
122 Real Estate Principles II (PDF with Quizzes) 
1151 Law of Agency (PDF with Quizzes)
1251 Law of Contracts (PDF with Quizzes) 
451 Real Estate Finance I (PDF with Quizzes) 

Education course completion documents must be submitted with your application.

File Your Application

Apply Online

Submit your application and fee to become a Sales Agent using our Online Services. If you don’t already have a username and password for our Online Services, register now. If you have registered online with TALCB or TREC in the past, log in now. 

Apply by Mail

If you prefer, you can also apply for your Sales Agent license using our paper application. This may take longer to process and you will need to pay a paper filing fee.

Get Your Fingerprints Taken and Pass Your Background Check

You are required by law to have fingerprints on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) so a background check can be performed. Fingerprints on file for other agencies will not be accepted.

A license will not issue if the background check has not been passed. Expect a delay if you are notified of an investigation into your background history.

Take the Exam

License exams are administered by PearsonVUE, a testing service company.

You will be sent a notice with instructions for scheduling the exam and obtaining a copy of the exam Candidate Handbook.

If you fail the exam more than three times, additional education will be necessary.

Find a Sponsor

You need to be sponsored by an active Texas licensed broker to work. You can complete a sponsorship request using our online services. Once the broker has accepted your request, your active license will be issued, and you can work as a Sales Agent!

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Texas Online Real Estate License Course requirements
Texas real estate license requirements
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