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Recorded Proctoring Exam Available 
at Checkout ($9 per course)

Only $27 with the 90 or 98 hour SAE package 
or $54 with the 180 hour Pre-license package 
(3 proctored exams with the SAE package & 
6 proctored exams with the Pre-license package)

​No need to schedule a time or find a proctor!

  • Online Proctoring requires a camera and microphone which most laptops have. 
  • For desktops, can buy a webcam and microphone separately. 
  • Start your state exam anywhere you have internet access and a computer.
      (Otherwise, TREC requires that you take the exam in the physical presence of an eligible/acceptable third party proctor.
  • You will need to present a picture ID to the proctor and then have him/her acknowledge and complete the following form, which will appear in the system, right before you can start the course exam…
  • You must take the exam on a computer or laptop with a webcam, microphone and speakers. Tablets and cell phones cannot be used. You must share your computer screen.
  • The proctor will notify you when you can begin the exam. By state law, the exam is multiple choice and a passing score is 70%.
  • Upon completion of the exam, it will show as "Affidavit Pending" and when the results are validated, your downloadable Certificate of Completion will be in your account.

IN-PERSON PROCTORING also available  (*CAN BE FREE OF CHARGE) Click here:

Please Note:

TREC Guideline Update regarding PROCTORING
New guidelines now require students of this course to have their exams proctored and you have the right to request a criminal history evaluation (where applicable) before enrolling in the courses or applying for a license. 

Please note, TREC will not accept your certificate of completion for this course unless 3 days have elapsed since the date/time you started the course. Your participation in this course must not exceed 12 hours per day. Example: If you started the course on March 2 at 11:00AM, then the soonest you could take the final exam would be March 4 at 6:00AM (3 days at 12 hours per day). Please note you are not required to work on the courses 12 hours per day, but this is the maximum amount of time per day. Starting and completing more than one qualifying course within the same 3 days does not comply with Commission rules. TREC cannot award credit for courses and certificates that are not in compliance. Please ensure you have met these requirements BEFORE attempting the final exam.

Mike, Texas real estate broker


Under the new rules, you will be required to find an eligible Proctor and give the exam in his/her presence to qualify for a completion certificate. The following are acceptable third party proctors:

(A) Employees at official testing or learning/tutoring centers;
 (B) Librarians at a school, university, or public library; 
C) College or university administrators, faculty, or academic advisors;
D) Clergy who are affiliated with a specific temple, synagogue, mosque, or church;
E) Educational officers of a military installation or correctional facility; 
(F) Members of the court system – Judge, justice of the peace, magistrates, and prosecutors; 
(G) Law Enforcement Officers – Sergeant, lieutenant, or captain; and
(H) An active authorized notary.

 *We suggest contacting your local library or K-12 school library to see if a volunteer can oversee you taking the exam at no cost.

 All the required fields should be filled out correctly for verification purposes.
  • Printed Name of Proctor
  • Address of Proctor
  • City, State, and Zip of Proctor
  • Contact number of Proctor
  • Email address of Proctor
  • Occupation / Profession of Proctor
  • Organization / Workplace of Proctor

You will need to present a picture ID to the proctor and then have him/her acknowledge and complete the following form, which will appear in the system, right before you can start the course exam…

Sample Proctor Affidavit

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Our courses are offered by, Inc. – 
A TREC Approved-Online Education Provider (Qualifying Education Provider #4591). 

​(for exams proctored in person)

Q. Does the student give TREC (or 360) the proctor's qualifications and email address ? 
A. The student provides the proctor info to 360 which is done by filling out the online affidavit after passing the final exam.

Q. Does the proctor then get an email with a code that they enter after the exam? 
A. The proctor code step comes up before taking the final exam. This step helps the student to understand that the proctor has to be sitting with them.

Q. What does the online Proctor Affidavit look like ? 
A This is what it looks like. Proctor Affidavit

Q How does the Proctor sign off on it digitally? 
A. They sign off through 360Sign after passing the final exam in the course.

Q. Do I have a choice between Online Proctoring and In Person proctoring?
A. Yes you will have the option at checkout whether to purchase the in-person proctored version of the exam or the RPS version of the exam.

Q. What is RPS?
A. RPS is the recorded proctoring solution where the student takes the exams at their convenience and then our in-house proctors review the recording and approves (or denies) within 1 business day. The student must have access to high-speed internet and a webcam with a microphone to be eligible for the RPS proctoring. 

Q. Will I have help if necessary?
Yes, Our customer support team is well versed and can provide any technical support as needed.

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